Naomi Powell
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Illustrator and artist

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Naomi Powell is an illustrator and artist based in Cheltenham, South West England.

She creates images from pen and ink, and adds textures in to add depth.

Her themes include botanicals, pets and portraits.

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Some projects and works….

Naomi has been involved in art for the majority of her life, and her interest is to constantly expand her practices.

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Pet Portraits

A purr-fect treat for birthdays, remembrance or simply to show your pet how much you adore them!

Working in a looser style than more traditional portraits, their character and quirks jump off the page.

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Interesting facades that capture the eye. A little bit wonky but always keen for detail, there’s always something new to see in the building images.

Perhaps you have a favourite shop or a home you would like drawn?

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Need a restaurant or menu sign? Have an

eye-catching and fun display. Available on commission.